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How Gainfluence drove global awareness for Guns of Glory

In the fast-moving, high-stakes gaming industry, publishers compete as fiercely as the players themselves. And one surefire way to stand apart is a coordinated YouTube influencer campaign.

So when FunPlus began planning their U.S. launch for Guns of Glory, they turned to Gainfluence to mobilize over 100 influencers and supercharge fans around the world.

About Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is a free-to-play MMO mobile game developed by FunPlus. Since its launch, Guns of Glory has experienced unprecedented success, with over 26 million downloads and achieve top 150 worldwide for mobile games.


When FunPlus began planning their marketing push to engage with influencers on YouTube, they approached Gainfluence to market the event to audiences across North America.

Aiming to drive mass awareness and downloads to Guns of Glory, Gainfluence launched a North America influencer marketing and PR campaign with a multi-platform strategy to achieve maximum results.


Setting out to achieve 1M+ mpressions over the course of the month-long campaign, Gainfluence led creative strategy and orchestrated a massive global influencer campaign to drive awareness for Guns of Glory in North America.

This campaign required extensive planning and management of influencers across different verticals. Gainfluence activated over 100 North American influencers across five social media platforms (Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube).

100 prominent gaming influencers from the United States and Canada were also contracted to promote the game. We planned a week full of content formats before the launch, offering settings which invited creative and engaging content creation.

Campaign in Action

The campaign kicked off with “pre-heat” content including Instagram stories, influencers documenting their gameplay, and competing with each other to see who has the highest scores, encouraging fans to tune in.

Upon campaign week, Gainfluence accompanied influencers on a walkthrough of the game mechanics. Influencers filmed content to promote their game and guild, including strong calls to action encouraging their audiences to play

Finally, we created and distributed a hype video recapping all of the exciting events that took place throughout the week and engaged influencers and our large network of social publishers to share the clip with their audiences.


Gainfluence was able to increase awareness of the Guns of Glory through the activation of 42 global influencers, 160 posts and 41 media placements.

The huge reach of this campaign and the success of the campaign helped FunPlus catapult its award-winning game into the hands and hearts of tens of millions of daily active players around the world.