Gainfluence is the world's leading performance based influencer marketing assistant, empowering marketing managers to source, negotiate, and launch winning influencer campaigns, every time.

Optimize your influencer campaigns to achieve the greatest return on investment in e-commerce and mobile social.

Here's why you should partner with Gainfluence.

Only Gainfluence empowers marketing teams to streamline each step of the campaign process.

Here’s how it works:

Influencer identification

High ROI campaigns start with data driven approaches to select influencers, not guesswork.

Activate only influencers who will drive results for you by focusing on influencers within our network who have a 100% success rate with our previous clients. Let us do the dirty work of testing which influencers work, while you approve the budget for the top 0.01% of influencers. Never do guesswork again or take risks with your marketing budget.

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marketing manager

How do we lower our CPA and get more users?
Bring on one of our top performing influencers with a 100% past campaign success rate and run a giveaway as an incentive

product manager

How do we retain the users that marketing drives onto the platform?
Offer the giveaway incentive for 7 days for D7 DAU while sending push notifications.

Marketing director

How do we monetize these users?
Run campaigns only with our proven influencers who have a large % of fans who have high propensity to purchase i.e. Casino influencers.


Now get the best price possible by cutting out the middlemen.

Buy results, not influencers. Gainfluence is a brand focused company, not a talent agency. We don't take commission, aligning our business objectives. Gainfluence's large network of influencers guarantees that we are able to reach the influencer directly, every single time.

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Campaign execution

  • $300K

    Incremental revenue impact

    Learn how Massdrop did it
  • +150%

    Revenue uplift

    Learn how BetterHelp did it
  • -34%

    Decrease in CPI

    Learn how TikTok did it

No more wasting money on mediocre content. Use the right formats and platforms to get real results.

Apply the scientific method and the latest Silicon Valley growth hacking tactics on campaign content to maximize ROI. Gainfluence is the only platform in the market that A/B experiments content so you get the maximum ROI.

Never again guess at campaign content. Our data gives us insight on which video formats, titles, description copies, and call to actions yield ROI.

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Join the top global e-commerce and mobile social businesses who depend on Gainfluence every day to achieve the highest ROI
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LiveMe: Game changing video format

LiveMe's main objective is to lower its CPI. Prior to working with Gainfluence, LiveMe was hitting double digit CPI figures by working with MCNs. Gainfluence, who pioneered the temporary video format, was able to apply it to LiveMe's existing campaigns and completely turn around its CPI.

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in D7 retention
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TikTok: Saving budget by cutting out the middlemen

Being an existing giant, TikTok sought out Gainfluence to get into direct contact with influencers by cutting out unnecessary agencies, maximizing their budget by saving the commission. Gainfluence's network of influencers was able to get into direct contact with TikTok's desired partners and saved over 500% in TikTok's marketing budget,

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in install to creation rate
Huya: Breaking into the U.S. market with a bang

Being the biggest live streaming platform in China, Gainfluence is the first and only company that handles Huya's U.S.influencer program. From bringing onboard the top proven influencers from our network to campaign execution with our renowned temporary video format, Huya is poised to be a top platform in America.

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in revenue (virtual gifts)
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Massdrop: Driving sales with YouTube influencers

Massdrop understands that the future of e-commerce is on YouTube, and the first step is finding the right influencers who can successful sell their headphones. By working only with our creators who can move products 100% of the time, Massdrop tripled its sales for the quarter and set great foundation for scaling its influencer program.

Click through rate
Views to sale rate
Growth in sales
betterhelp logo
BetterHelp: improving mental health, one conversion at a time

BetterHelp perfectly tapped into a hot topic in the YouTube community: mental health. By setting up a scalable program to pay influencers a commission per signup on top of a minimum guarantee, BetterHelp was able to become the premier brand for YouTubers to promote with ROI positive campaigns.

Views to signup rate
Increase in revenue
Decrease in cancellations
NordVPN: scaling beyond just tech influencers

NordVPN just needed Gainfluence to help them set up an influencer programs that "just works". After pairing mid-roll formats with high engagement influencers within our network, NordVPN dominated the VPN market on social media with a record low CPA.

Views to signup rate
Increase in revenue
Decrease in one year membership churn
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