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Success takes so much more than single-channel targets and short-term thinking. You don’t need a marketing agency. You need a partner that focuses on the health of your entire business.

Trusted by the best in the biz.

Save Money
A fraction of the price of production studios, editors, and influencer agencies.
Make Money
A/B test your creatives on ads and iterate with us to find your 10X performing video.
Save Time
Outsource the entire content creation process end to end with influencers.
get out of growth stagnation
“We achieved the breakout growth we needed through Gainfluence, lowered our CAC, and had a strong Q4.”
Derrick Nguyen, Senior Marketing Manager at Credit Sesame
unlock new growth channels
"Gainfluence helped us realize what we were doing wrong with our ads. A few simple tweaks using UGC has skyrocketed our growth to raise our round."
Adam Gillman, co-founder at Hiya
gain traction
"Gainfluence was the platform that kicked us off in the U.S. market into the powerhouse ZAFUL is today. We were able to test and iterate using creatives our offer and benefits, which eventually led us to finding product market fit in the U.S.
Jason Walczak, Marketing Director at ZAFUL
test what your competitors are doing
"We were worried about what our competitors were doing and if we were missing opportunities, and Gainfluence allowed us to test at scale on new channels we never thought about before."
Jonathan Norman,  Marketing Manager at Toast
“Gainfluence allowed us to test and scale our ads and find new areas of growth. We got a ton of learnings in channels we did not know anything about.”
Derrick nguyen
Senior Marketing Manager at Credit Sesame
“I would say it’s a win-win for everybody. The depth of testing you can do really quickly is powerful. You can test your content and see if your feature is something people actually want.
jason Walczak
Marketing Director at ZAFUL

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