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🔥 What's Hot: Ridge Wallet 🔥

The Ridge is a slim, metal wallet that's RFID-blocking, lifetime guaranteed, and ships for free. 

- People say nice things! You can read 25K+ five-star reviews and see why HIConsumption said it's "the closest to perfection wallets are ever going to get."

- It comes in 3 materials and 10+ colors. And it's durable. There's a video on YouTube of our Titanium Wallet stopping a bullet at point blank range. Twice.

- It streamlines your everyday carry. The Ridge is designed to carry less. It's time to ditch the bulky leather bifold and slim down to the essentials.

To get a free Ridge Wallet:
1. Agree to post an IG story about your Ridge Wallet!
2. Enter your email address on the top of this page.

Deadline to enter: March 28

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