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Let Us Be Your Seed Round

We’ve helped scale 100+ companies and generated millions of dollars in revenue for our partners.

Giving up part of your company in order for growth is a tough pill to swallow. 
Gainfluence brings you the launch strategy, early adopters (influencers), and the funding needed without taking any equity.

Benefits of a Gainfluence Partnership

Launch your product to a million influencers.

You’ve got the product, we’ve got the reach. With 20K+ influencers under our belt, we can get your DTC products in to the right hands.

Get hands-on business consulting from our world-class team

Need marketing and business development help? We’re here for it. Our team is available to guide you through your launch and beyond.

Leverage the power of the Gainfluence community

Our vocal and passionate community of  influencers is ready and able to help you get your product to the next level.

Are You A Good Fit?

You have
relatively low COGS

If COGS > 50% of MSRP, your product probably won't work on Gainfluence.
(Example: $90 COGS for a necklance that sells for $150? ; $10 COGS for leggings that sells for %50? ✓)

You've got
"Product/Gainfluence" fit

If your product is too niche, your product probably won’t work on Gainfluence.
(Example: Sustainable female apparel for lawyers? ; Sustainable clothing for millenials? ✓)

got stability

We don’t discriminate if you’re VC funded, crowdsourced, or bootstrapped. But you do need to show that you have a plan and runway for your product.

Don't take our word for it...

Want to know what it’s really like to launch on Gainfluence? Look at our past partners’ results:


$10k spend

$50k+ revenue

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in D7 retention

$50K spend

$300k+ revenue

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in install to creation rate

$30K spend

$120k revenue

View to install rate
Decrease in CPI
Increase in revenue (virtual gifts)