Your period shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

Don’t sacrifice comfort because you have your period.

Free of leaks. Free of mess. Free of stress. FLEX gives you the freedom to be you, even while on your period.


Mess free period sex

Worry-free 12 hour wear

Exercise with Flex

Reduce your global footprint with 60% less waste

FLEX is for doing more.

  • Up to 12-hour wear, no frequent changes.
  • Mess-free period sex.
  • Sleep, exercise, swim, and more…
  • 60% less waste than tampons & pads.

FLEX is for peace of mind.

  • Reduces cramps and dryness.
  • Not linked to TSS.
  • Hypoallergenic and pH neutral.
  • FDA registered. BPA and toxin-free.

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